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Teach Access - Game and Interactive Media Design

Started Jan 15, 2024


Full course description

In this course, you will understand the fundamental principles of integrating accessibility within the realm of game design and interactive media. The course begins with exploring the regulatory landscape and established accessibility standards. Then, you will have an opportunity to dive into your current courses to find ways to increase student awareness of the importance and value of embedding accessibility principles within their work. You will help them understand their role and impact on a gamer’s experience. Through these efforts, you will contribute to a more inclusive and enriching digital landscape.

We acknowledge that there may be instances of content overlap between courses in the Teach Access ecosystem, particularly in areas related to each other. Diverse accessibility needs can lead to recurring themes or principles that span different topics within this discipline. This overlap is intentional, reflecting our commitment to ensuring that all practitioners, regardless of their discipline, can access and engage with the material effectively.

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