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IT | Educational Technologies is a Course

IT | Educational Technologies

Started Jun 20, 2019

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Competency Description

Educational technology provides tools for delivering and enhancing online learning. This competency explains how these tools can be utilized, shares important criteria for choosing among them, and explains how instructional technologists can provide technical support to clients. It also covers the steps of conducting a task analysis and some of the common challenges associated with implementing education technology.

This course is also available in the Educational Technology and Accessibility Track.

Competency Outcomes

Upon completion of this competency you will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate utilization of emerging instructional technologies and methodologies.
  • Determine appropriate technical support for clients in the implementation of designed instruction or in task analyses and instructional systems design.
  • Determine appropriate technical advice to provide on the use of current instructional technologies, including computer-based training, desktop video conferencing, multimedia, and distance learning technologies.

Competency Topics

  • Emerging Instructional Technologies and Methodologies
  • Technical Support
  • Utilizing Instructional Technologies