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IT | Coaching and Support

Time limit: 186 days

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6 months


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Competency Description

During the course design process, the instructional technologist is the technical expert. With this expertise comes the hazard of using highly technical language, or jargon, with people outside your field who may not understand it. This competency stresses the importance of knowing how to explain technological concepts without resorting to jargon and how to support the development process, and those involved in it, by giving sound advice and feedback. In short, this competency is about learning to be an effective technology coach.

This course is also available in the Project Management Soft Skills Track.

You will have six months to complete this competency and can review the materials at any time during this period. If you wish to access these resources after the six months, you will need to re-enroll.

Competency Outcomes

Upon completion of this competency you will be able to:

  • Describe appropriate technology utilization without the use of jargon.
  • Provide support, advice, and feedback for tools and technology usage.

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Competency Topics

  • Technology Utilization
  • Supporting Tools and Technology Usage