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IT | Project Management is a Course

IT | Project Management

Started Jun 20, 2019

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Competency Description

Project management is critical to the successful development of instructional materials—whether for an entire academic course or a short corporate training—and is therefore an important aspect of being an instructional technologist. In this competency, you will learn about the key project management skills you will need, including risk identification and mitigation, resource allocation, and the development of quality standards. You will also get to create a project management template of your own and explore open-source project management software.

This course is also available in the Project Management Soft Skills Track.

Competency Outcomes

Upon completion of this competency you will be able to:

  • Evaluate identified risks prior to and during project development.
  • Identify steps to streamline and mitigate the potential risks of a project.
  • Allocate project resources appropriately.
  • Determine appropriate deadlines for a project.
  • Identify an acceptable standard of quality, as appropriate, for a project.

Competency Topics

  • Identifying and Mitigating Risks
  • Project Resources
  • Project Deadlines
  • Quality Standards